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Belfast Banshee coming for your soul! Born in Belfast, made in Lincoln. This firery tribute to the town of our birth showcases Carolina Reaper tempered with roasted tomato, roasted pepper and confit garlic. Great to spice up everything.Heat rating 5 out of 5

Our taster said:"Scent is FULL ON. Very Smokey, savoury and just ANGRY to be stuck in a bottle! As soon as this hits your tongue, you know it’s going to bite back, and after 30 seconds or so, the fire gets burning. The initial time gives you chance to enjoy the flavours as it develops, much more savoury than the previous ones, with a mature, ripe roasted tomato kind of umami taste. Deceptively hot as this is a slow build to a high summit. Really sticks to your tongue and refuses to let go. Awesome! "

Due to small batch variations. Colour might differ slightly from the picture

Belfast Banshee: Ghost Pepper

SKU: 0005
  • Aged Ghost Pepper, cider vinegar, roasted red pepper, roasted tomato, confit garlic (garlic, olive oil), salt

    Homemade: may contain trace allergens

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