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A cheeky fruity little number. Scotch Bonnet dances with Cayenne pepper to give a moderate heat that allows the fruity spicy hit of scotch bonnet to punch through. We love this one on kebabs.Heat rating 4 out of 5

Our taster said:"Smells pungent and vinegar acidity cuts through. The smell gets you a little nervous, in a good way! Reminds me very much of Franks Hot wings sauce. Has a punchy heat that gets the back of your mouth and throat. Really bright and fresh pepper flavour with the acidic vinegar. Can’t think of much it WOULDN’T go with – perhaps the bright acidity would really cut through fatty meats and dishes effectively. "

Due to small batch variations. Colour might differ slightly from the picture

Glasgow Kiss: Scotch Bonnet and Cayenne

SKU: 0003
  • Aged Scotch Bonnet (35%), cider vinegar, aged Cayenne pepper(30%), salt

    Homemade: may contain trace allergens

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