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Louisiana Seoul

Homemade vegan kimchi marries Cayenne pepper in our mildest but most complex (and most popular!) sauce. Sweet mild heat balances perfectly with sour and tangy kimchi. This sauce is great on eggs and fried rice/bimbap.Heat rating 0.5 out of 5

Our taster said"Smells very Kimchi-like: cabbage, garlic, carrot scent. Really distinctive Kimchi flavour of garlic and cabbage and a light Smokey chilli. Wonderfully mild but full of flavour. Feels like it would be fabulous on poultry. Great starting place for people new to spice."

Due to small batch variations. Colour might differ slightly from the picture

Louisiana Seoul: Kimchi& Cayenne

SKU: 0001
  • Kimchi (35%: cabbage, diakon, carrot, pear, spring onion, chilli flakes, tamari (soy beans, water, salt), garlic, salt), aged Cayenne pepper (30%), cider vinegar, salt.



    Homemade: may contain trace allergens

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